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The Start of something New

Katherine Wong

June 15, 2021

First time pregnant and absolutely clueless

After the initial euphoria of discovering that we were pregnant and having a relatively smooth-sailing first and second trimesters, only to come to a rude awakening in our third trimester that we knew absolutely nothing about taking care of a baby. Zilch.

July 5, 2021

Teamwork makes dreams work!

We quickly realised that Google was a scary place to turn to, especially with the number of conflicting pieces of advice from breastfeeding to baby-care. Being pregnant for the first time, we opted to give Childbirth Education at Hegen Lactation Centre a go.

What an eye-opener it was! While the maternity specialist went through the rigours of childbirth, the emphasis was on how teamwork is always at the core of this experience. If it takes two to make a baby, it’d take two to birth one.

August 2, 2021

Parenting is about progression, not perfection.

At around Week 35, we decided to attend the Caring For Your Newborn class at Hegen Lactation Centre. Led by a senior IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), the class covered the fundamental essentials from - breastfeeding to baby-care, some first aid, with a healthy dose of practical, hands-on session for us, new parents, to get a good sense of what it was like to bathe, diaper and change a baby.

While we did feel a little unsure at first, we got better with practice! Instead of being entirely clueless, we now feel more ready to hold and care for our baby in a few weeks' time.

September 3, 2021

Lo & behold, our baby was ready to meet the world.

Thanks to the classes we went at Hegen Lactation Centre, we also felt a lot more ready to meet her! While education couldn’t quite fully cover the actual experience, we were more confident and calmer in the entire process.

More importantly, we were able to support each other as partners physically, emotionally and mentally, through it all. Teamwork truly makes dreams work.

In one of our classes, our maternity specialist also shared with us about the benefits of our baby's cord blood and umbilical cord. It contains stems cells that are precious life-saving resource.

20 September, 2021

A Confident Start to Parenthood

Just sharing some of my thoughts -Being parents is one of the most difficult and yet most rewarding roles we can possibly undertake. An involved and invested parent is also one who is well-informed, enabled and empowered. Thanks to the team at Hegen Lactation Centre, we are on to this new adventure with a confident start!

This is our pregnancy journey. What's yours?