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Breastfeeding Ally @Work

Nurturing the future together with your organization starts today

The Breastfeeding Ally @ Work programme (BFA@Work) seeks to collaborate with like-minded corporate partners to champion breastfeeding at workplaces. 

Through a concerted effort with HLC’s dedicated support, our vision is to transform the labour landscape in Singapore into one that empowers companies to embrace breastfeeding wholeheartedly as an investment for the future. 

Breastfeeding: The Big Picture


of female population are contributing to Singapore’s financial success


of women are highly educated and highly skilled Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians


of mothers take up maternity leave upon childbirth to care for their newborns


of mothers want to breastfeed at birth


of mothers continue breastfeeding upon return to work

By prioritising their desire to provide the best nourishment for their babies at work, companies encourage loyalty, commitment, and productivity among the highly educated and skilled working mothers in their midst.  

Why should companies support breastfeeding?

Meeting your employees’ work, family and wellbeing needs in turn leads to greater levels of commitment, loyalty and productivity in the long run. 

1.  Attract & Retain your best talents

2. Outperforming your competition in a long run

3. Greater Productivity and Morale for the team

How does the BFA@Work programme work?

From a small ripple of change for companies to foster a culture of care, empathy, and empowerment, we believe great waves will be made to allow employees to thrive successfully at home and at work.

Here's how:


Workshops to foster communication and empathy around breastfeeding


The development and implementation of internal breastfeeding-friendly approaches 


Creating breastfeeding-friendly spaces at work

Our team will work closely with yours to develop a comprehensive approach to create an encouraging and open culture to support breastfeeding mothers at work.

Why is breastfeeding important? 

The benefits of breastfeeding and breastmilk go beyond just feeding your baby; its far-reaching impact influences the health and wellbeing of both mother and baby for years to come. 

Breastfed Babies 

  • Fewer respiratory and intestinal infections due to antibodies present in breast milk
  • Lesser risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
  • Lower likelihood of childhood obesity
  • Oro-facial muscle development for speech and language

Breastfeeding Mothers

  • Sense of wellbeing for mothers to be able to provide for their babies
  • Reduced risk of ovarian, breast and heart diseases
  • A healthy, breastfeeding mother is also able to contribute more meaningfully and productively at work.

“…employers must realize that people can be good parents and good employees. The message that work and family are compatible must come from the highest level of organizations and government.”

– Kim Elseser for Forbes