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Breastfeed Because You Can

Breastfeeding is a remarkable gift that only you possess — the ability to nourish and nurture your little one with the power of your own body.

However, many mothers, due to a lack of support and information, are facing many challenges that discourage them from enjoying this magical bond with their child - especially in the early postpartum days.

This is why we are deeply committed to empowering and assisting mothers in achieving their breastfeeding goals.

Giving you a confident start to parenthood

Parenthood is a transformative milestone like no other. That is why it is important for every parent to be equipped with science-based knowledge and empowered by supportive community.

It is our mission to

Provide tailored professional advice and being respectful of the needs of the family.

Share unbiased, evidence-based knowledge about breastfeeding and babycare with our patients

Be a trusted partner to parents, especially mothers in the early postpartum days, in lactation matters, through follow-ups.

Offer a calm and serene space with excellent hospitality so parents can focus on learning and nurturing your babies.

Your circle of support through your parenthood journey


Congratulations on your exciting journey into parenthood! At HLC, we understand the anticipation and joy that comes with expecting a newborn baby. That's why we have curated a collection of essential services under our Bump category, specifically designed to support and equip parents like you for the arrival of your little one.


As a new parent, the arrival of your precious newborn has filled your life with boundless love and joy. This stage of parenthood also has its own set of challenges and milestones. Our services are tailored to provide you with the guidance, support, and expertise you need to navigate this magical time.


Our Back to Work Breastfeeding Class creates a nurturing space where you can learn practical strategies and gain valuable insights to make your breastfeeding journey a success even in the midst of a busy work life.

What parents say about us

Being your circle of support

At the very heart of HLC is our modern, dynamic and driven team, committed to providing you high quality care and support from pregnancy to postpartum.